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History of the Tarawa

The history of the USS Tarawa has been divided into several parts, for ease of reading. Each page contains links at the bottom for easy navigation to the next and previous pages.

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The Battle of Tarawa
The 1st USS Tarawa (CV 40)
Today's Tarawa (LHA 1)

More information (WWW):
Tarawa on the Web
Bio of General David Monroe Shoup
USS Shoup (DDG 86) Homepage
Brief History of the Gilbert Islands
Heroes of Tarawa

About the Titlebar

The top left photo on the titlebar depicts General David M. Shoup. As a Colonel, Shoup commanded the 2nd Marine Division at Betio, a bitterly contested island of the Tarawa Atoll. For his bravery, he received the Medal of Honor. Shoup eventually became the 22nd Commandant of the Marine Corps. [complete bio]

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