Pre-Deployment Family Checklist

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    Problems with money can be one of the difficulties a spouse may face while their spouse is deployed.  Thoughtful advance planning and solid information can help to prevent these problems before they become out of control.  A form has been provided to set up a budget if you have not already done so.  Remember to consider periodic payments that are not necessarily due on a monthly basis (insurance, taxes, car registration, etc.).  If any doubt exists about pay, check the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or the service member may contact the command Disbursing Officer before deployment.  The NAVY AND MARINE CORPS RELIEF SOCIETY and the NAVY FAMILY SERVICE CENTER can also assist you in setting up a budget.  DO THIS WELL BEFORE DEPLOYMENT.


    DON'T ASSUME THAT YOU WILL BE SPENDING LESS MONEY WHILE YOUR SPOUSE IS AWAY.  You'll be making an effort to keep busy and will probably be spending more on crafts, recreation, babysitters, convenience foods, etc.  The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society calls money for these purposes "sanity money."  Don't overlook these expenses as you formulate your budget.


    It is extremely important that service members make provisions for the spouse's access to money during deployment.  Try to anticipate any problems that may arise and plan for them. 


    What arrangements have been made for spouse's access to adequate funds while the service member is deployed?


    1.  Direct Deposit.                                           

    2.  Allotment Checks.                                         


When is check or deposit expected?                                How much money?                                                   

Are you aware of upcoming pay changes due to promotion,

housing, longevity, etc.                                          

Effective date?                                                   

Amount of change and reason?

Do you have a checking account?                                   

Bank/address/phone number?                                        

Account number?

Do you have a savings account?                                    

Bank/address/phone number?                                        

Account number?                                                   

Do you know how to use your bank accounts?                        

If not, learn how.                                                


Do you have any investments which must be managed?       

(Money market funds, mutual funds, savings

certificates, etc.)                                               Where are the papers kept?                                        

Are any actions necessary during deployment?             

(Renewal, surrender, etc.)                                        

Company/bank and phone number of contact                          Account or certificate numbers                                    

What will you do?  When?                                          

Do you have a safety deposit box?                                 

Where?  Where is the key?                                         




Are beneficiaries up-to-date?                                     

Where are policies kept?                                          

What annual or semi-annual payments are due during



How much?                                                         

Renewal or changes required?                                      

If so, what will you do?                                          

Medical Company    Address/phone          Acct#            Agent

Life Company       Address/phone          Acct#            Agent

Homeowner (or

 rental) Company   Address/phone          Acct#            Agent Automobile

       Company     Address/phone      Acct#            Agent


Do you have a towing clause in your policy?                       

Do you have a rent-a-car clause in your policy?                   

If not, do you have enough money to cover this expense

if needed?                                                        






Do you know how to drive?                                         If not, can you take lessons now?                                 

If not, how will you get groceries, go to the hospital,

etc.?  Make arrangements now!                                      



    One of the finest going away gifts a servicemember can give his spouse is a car in good working order.  We realize that some spouses are wizards with spark plugs and screwdrivers, but for those of you who are not, being well informed is the next best thing:


Is your car on a warranty?

If so, what does it cover?


Do you have to do anything to keep the warranty?                  


If so, what?


Will the car need a tune-up before deployment ends?               


If so, where and when?                                            


What kind of gas does your car use?                               


Who will you call if your car won't start?                        


Do you belong to an Automobile Club?                                                 Acct #


Are tires in good shape?                                          


If they must be replaced, what brand?            What size?      


Are car inspection and registration up-to-date?                   


Does your car need antifreeze or snow tires?                       

Will the car need lubrication, oil and filter change?             


Where should it be done?                                          


Any other maintenance?                                            




What will you do in case of an accident or breakdown?              

Make sure you understand your car's "temperament"

Write it down.                                                    


Do you have an extra car key?                                     






Are car stickers in good shape and up-to-date?







    Where will you go for help if you find yourself in financial trouble during the deployment?  Many people have understanding family members who may be willing to help them.  The American Red Cross may also provide emergency financial assistance.  The Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, however, must contact the Command concerning a financial emergency and during a deployment that could take some time, so don't wait until your situation is critical before contacting them.  You may also contact Navy Family Service Center for information and referral.



    Many bases now have a Navy Family Service Center which offers a range of services, based on the needs of a particular area.  They can range from information and referral, counseling, homemaker programs, or specific workshops such as parenting or how to live within your income.  For information specific to your area, please contact your local Navy Family Service Center.


Do you know which Navy Family Service Center is closest

to you?                                                           


Where is it located?                                               

Phone Number?                                                     




Is serviceman's Emergency Data Form verified and current?         


Does it reflect spouse's address if she is leaving the area

during deployment?                                                




Who is your OMBUDSMAN?                                             

Do you know what an OMBUDSMAN is?                                 


OMBUDSMAN phone number:

RECORDING:  619-685-3846

BEEPER:  619-257-4559


If you are leaving the area during the deployment, does

your OMBUDSMAN know how to reach you?                             


What is the ship mailing address?                                  


Who would you contact if there was an emergency and

you had to get word to your spouse?                               




Are you on the waiting list for housing?                          


What is your latest status?                                       


Does the housing office know how to contact you while

your spouse is deployed?                                         


Do you know how to arrange the move (into housing)

if necessary?                                                     


Do you have a Limited Power of Attorney?                  _______      

Do all doors and windows have good locks?                          

Do you have an extra key?                                         



Is the breaker box labeled?                                        

Do you know where the Main Breaker is and how to use it?          


Where is the water main turned off?                                

Where is the gas line turned off?                                 


How do you turn off furnace, if necessary?                        


Are all major appliances in good working order?                   


Who will you call in the event of appliance breakdown?            


Do you have appliance maintenance agreements or




Have you had a recent fire safety inspection?                     


If you live in housing, call base fire department

for inspection.                                                   


Are smoke detectors and fire extinguisher working?                


Do you know how to use them?                                      


Where are flashlights, candles?                                   


Where are basic hand tools (hammer, pliers, screwdrivers)?       


Where are important papers concerning your home?                  


Is lease renewal due?                                             


Do you know when to call the Housing Maintenance Office

or the landlord for repairs?                                      


If you own your home, list:



Utilities Company:                                                


Do you know what is required for yard maintenance?                


Do you know how to operate the lawn mower?                        


Do you know how to operate a gas mower?                           


If you live in housing, do you have a Housing Handbook?           




Is your spouse enrolled in DEERS?                                 


Are all your children enrolled in DEERS?                          


If not, make the ship's office your first stop tomorrow.          


Are you or your children due for immunizations or routine



Where are your shot records and medical records?                  


Will you go to the Navy Hospital for medical care?                


If not, where?                                                    


Are you familiar with TRICARE?                                     



If your child is ready to start school, do you know

which school he/she will attend?                                  


Do you know how to register?                                      






Are you an effective parent?                                       

If not, how are you going to cope as a single parent?             


Have you ever attended the Family Service Center

Parenting Workshops?                                               

Do you know where to get counseling if you or your child

have difficulty coping with this deployment?                      


Do you know where support parenting groups meet?                  


Have you prepared child(ren) separation aids, such as?            


(1) You can tape stories to be played during


    (2) Make each child their own personal SCRAPBOOK

        To include:  pictures of you (in and out of uniform)

                     pictures of the boat (if possible)

                     pictures of you and your child doing

                     things together.

                     spare empty pages for pictures you will

                     send them during deployment.

         (DO NOT GIVE pictures that if lost/ruined would greatly

         distress you!!)

         (KEEP THE SIZE of scrapbook small)


    (3) Think of something special of yours that the child can

        take care of for you until you return from deployment.


DO YOU HAVE A FAMILY PORTRAIT?                                    




Both service member and spouse urgently need an up-to-date will.  It is important to realize that during a deployment, the time between the sudden death of your spouse and when the Navy can get you back home could be rather lengthy.


If your spouse does not have a current will, in the event of her death your children would be turned over to the state until you could return home.  This could be a very traumatic experience for your children.  So get those wills done and rest assured that if anything did happen, your children will be taken care of by loving and understanding people of your choosing.


The Legal Affairs Office will assist you in making wills.


Where are your wills kept?                                        

Are they up to date?




    This document can be very useful in the conduct of personal business.  It is a must for your spouse to accept government housing and set up the move during your deployment.  It is often required to allow the spouse to manage the financial affairs of the family.  If improperly used, however, it can be a very dangerous document and should not be made without legal advice.  Contact the Ship's Office or the Legal Affairs Officer for further explanation of options and to arrange execution of Power of Attorney.


Are you on the Government Housing List?                          


Where is document kept?                                           

Do you know when to use it?                                      




Are your ID cards in good shape and up-to-date?                   

Will any child turn 10 during the deployment?                      





Is servicemember due for orders during deployment?                


Do you know how to arrange the move if necessary?                 




Do you know your sponsor's mailing address?                       




List all the possible emergency situations that could occur during a deployment.  Use your imagination - be daring!  Try your best to be prepared.  These will get you started:


Auto breakdown

Auto accident

Appliance breakdown

Loss of heat, power, water

Flooding in the house

Critical illness or death in the family

Obscene or harassing phone calls

(List 10 more):



Plan now - what would you do?  You'll feel more secure knowing that you've thought of possibilities and will know how to handle them.




Be aware of the location of all important papers.  Some may be kept at home, others should be stored in a safety deposit box.


    -Savings Account


    -Loan Payment Coupon Book

    -Investment documents

    -Insurance policies

    -Automobile Title, Lien Certificate, Registration, Wills

    -Power of Attorney

    -Birth Certificate

    -Marriage Certificate

    -Divorce Decrees, Custody Papers, Adoption Papers

    -Mortgage or Lease Agreement Papers

    -Appliance Maintenance Agreements

    -Credit Agreements

    -Tax Documents

    -Immunization Records

    -Payment Receipts, Cancelled Checks





Do you understand that much information regarding the boat’s operating schedule, procedures, and personnel matters is classified and not generally discussed?


Families are reminded of the sensitive nature of ship operations and are cautioned not to discuss in public the arrival and departure dates or the nature of the boat’s operations.  Information contained in the Telephone Tree is also not discussed in public.  It is imperative that the Telephone Tree be kept confidential to prevent access by crank callers.


Do not let the whole world know that your spouse is away.  If you do, you leave yourself open to crank calls and other types of harassment.


If you leave home for any length of time, notify your Ombudsman.  Take the usual precautions - have a trusted friend pick up your mail; cancel newspapers; have different lights turned on inside the house each night, etc.


Unfortunately, you may occasionally receive questionable or obscene phone calls.  Try not to get upset.  Do not say ANYTHING! HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!  If you receive more than one phone call, report the call to the police, and the local telephone company.  They will advise you if further action is necessary.


Do not give information to callers asking about servicemembers or the boat.  People seeking information can be very convincing of their legitimacy.  Do not be fooled.  This point cannot be stressed enough!





    Ship's and Sailors are subject to going to sea at any time.  Most deployments will be scheduled well in advance of departure time, thus allowing ample opportunity to set family affairs in order.  however, as a result of operational requirements and the mobile nature of the Navy, the ship's schedule may change.  Consequently, the wise Sailor will prepare his family to meet any emergency that may arise during his absence.


1.  FINANCIAL PLANNING.  How much money do you really have?  How much money should you leave your family?  Use this form to aid you in making sure that you leave your family enough while you are gone.




         Base Pay                                      $_____          

         BAH                                           $         

         Sea Pay                                       $         

         Special Pay                                   $         

         Spouse                                        $_____         

         Other (Sub Pay/SDAP, etc.)                    $_____         


         Federal Withholding Tax                       $_____         

         FICA (Social Security)                        $_____          

         Allotment*                                    $_____         

         Allotment*                                    $_____         




Make your best estimate - these are not budget items


Housing (Rent or House payment)                        $_____         

Housing upkeep (small tools, accessories, repairs)     $_____         

Utilities (Gas, Electric, Water)                       $_____         

Food (all grocery, meat, bakery, mess bills, etc.)     $_____         

Drugs (Prescriptions, cosmetics, tailoring)            $_____         

Clothing                                               $_____         

Clothing Upkeep (Cleaning, washing, tailoring)         $_____         

Outstanding Debts (furniture, appliances, loans, etc.) $_____         

Car Payment                                            $_____         

Health Insurance                                       $_____         

Life Insurance                                         $_____         

Reading and Correspondence (magazines, newspapers, etc)$_____         

Medical and Dental                                     $_____         

School                                                 $_____         

Contributions (church, society, etc.)                  $_____         

Gifts                                                  $_____         

Dues (Fraternal, clubs, society, etc.)                 $_____         

Children's allowance                                   $_____         

Recreation (party fees, sitters, travel, flowers, etc) $_____         

Savings                                                $_____         

Investments                                            $_____         

Petty Cash                                             $_____          

Other (any special or unusual expenditure peculiar to

your own individual circumstances)                     $_____         



Total of Monthly Expenditures                          $_____         





Your total of monthly expenditures SHOULD NEVER EXCEED YOUR AVAILABLE INCOME.  You should leave your family with enough money coming in per month to cover (as a minimum) your total monthly expenditures.  The best way to ensure this is with an allotment.  It should be made payable to your spouse or your bank.






When you arrive in the San Diego, immediately contact the Personal Property Officer to find out if your household goods have come in. DO THIS AT ONCE, even you are not in a position to accept delivery.  Your shipment could arrive earlier then expected.


If your shipment has not yet arrived, give the office a telephone number and address where you, your sponsor, or your agent can be contacted as soon as it does come in.  The Personal Property Office is located in Building 3376, Naval Station, San Diego (behind housing office).  Office hours are 0730-1600, Monday through Friday.




Information..................................(619) 556-6683




All inquiries relative to either Navy Housing assignment or to referral services should be addressed to:


Commander, Navy Region Southwest (Code N7)

P.O. Box 114, Naval Station

San Diego, CA  92136-5114


Navy Housing Management................................556-8443

Web site.................................


Monday - Friday, 0800-1700


Housing Referrals......................................556-8027

(Civilian community housing)


The Housing Office at Naval Station, is located in the Commissary Area, Building 3544 which is adjacent to the Family Service Center.




There are NO TEMPORARY NAVY QUARTERS in the San Diego area, with the exception of the Navy Lodges.  Military families must depend upon local hotel/motel accommodations.  It is recommended that advanced hotel/motel reservations be made in order to ensure a place to stay while seeking permanent housing.


NAVY LODGES:  1-800-NAVY INN  (1-800-628-9466)


Naval Station, San Diego (32nd St)...............(619) 234-6142


NAS North Island.................................(619) 435-0191


MCAS Miramar.....................................(858) 271-7111


The cost of a Navy Lodge unit is approximately $45.00 per day at any of the three lodges.  A unit accommodates a maximum of five people, or six if one child is crib age.  Larger families must rent two units, if available.


Civilian hotels and motels are available in all price ranges, although most of them exceed the cost of Navy Lodges, especially during the summer months.  Some hotels and motels offer special military rates, and some are available on a weekly basis.




There are presently over 40 housing areas in the San Diego area, and there are over 101,000 military families in the San Diego area.  There are over 8,332 applicants waiting for government quarters and the average waiting time for assignment to quarters is 18 months with waiting times ranging from one month to several years, depending upon the location of the sites.


Personnel being transferred to a duty station in the San Diego area are encouraged to submit their applications for government quarters as soon as they have received their orders.  Applications may be submitted on DD Form 1746, the housing application form.  In each case, a copy of your orders must be provided showing detachment from your previous command.


Applications received on or before the detachment date will be placed on the waiting list as of the detachment date, providing the applicant does not reside in adequate government quarters.  For those personnel, the control date for the application will be upon the member's vacating the present quarters.  Applications received after the detachment date will be placed on the waiting list as of the date received in the housing office, or when the applicant has vacated other government quarters, whichever is later.




Since there is a long waiting for government quarters, military families should be prepared to occupy civilian housing.  Average rental rates for the area are as follows:


    One bedroom                       $_____650/month

    Two bedrooms                      $_____850/month

    Three bedrooms                    $_____1,100/month

    Four bedrooms                     $_____1,500/month


The majority of three bedroom units are houses rather than apartment-type units, and usually require the first and last month's rent in addition to the security deposit.


Four bedroom apartment units are practically nonexistent; therefore, price quoted is for a single family dwelling.  Pets are an additional problem in seeking rental units.  Most landlords will not accept them and those who will, in some cases, require an additional deposit.


Utility rates have increased sharply over the past few years and continue to rise.  The average utility cost (gas and electricity) for a three/four bedroom home is between $_____100.00 and $_____200.00 monthly.  If a home is rented in the San Diego area there is additional costs for both water and trash.  These added costs are between $_____50.00 and $_____100.00 per month.


Today's market in the San Diego County shows the average priced home in excess of $_____190,000.  Most officers and enlisted personnel who do not presently own a home cannot afford to enter today's market unless they have a substantial down payment.



The following information provides names and phone numbers for some utilities in the San Diego area.  this is not complete listing, however, personnel should consult with other utility providers to ensure appropriate cost and services for their needs.


San Diego Gas and Electric......................(619) 696-2000

Pacific Bell Telephone..........................1-800-750-2355

AT&T Telecommunications.........................(619) 699-2000

Cox Cable San Diego.............................(619) 262-1122


Time Warner Cable TV............................(619) 695-3220





There are over 40 Navy Housing areas throughout San Diego.  Below is a brief description and approximate waiting periods.


GATEWAY VILLAGE:  Adjacent to Naval Training Center in the Point Loma area.  Multi-unit townhouse style units containing one to four bedroom units.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-9.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (1 bedroom 6-7 months; 2 bedroom 10-11 months; 3 bedroom 13-14 months; and 4 bedroom 12-13 months).


CABRILLO HEIGHTS:  North of the San Diego near Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.  Multi-unit structures containing two to fiveplex bedroom units.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-9.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 9-10 months; 3 bedroom 4-5 months; and 4 bedroom 6-7 months).


MURPHY CANYON HEIGHTS:  Tierrasanta area, off I-15 near MCAS Miramar.  Officer: 3-4 bedroom single family units, Enlisted:  E-1 to E-9:  two and five bedroom duplexes and fiveplexes.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 23-24 months; 3 bedroom 11-12 months; 4 bedroom 9-10 months; and 5 bedroom 15-16 months).


ADMIRAL HARTMAN:  Pacific Beach area.  Three and four bedroom single family units.  Officer and Enlisted, E-6 to E-9.  Waiting periods:  (3 bedroom 13-14 months; and 4 bedroom 29-30 months).


CHESTERTON:  Linda Vista area.  Three and four bedroom single family units.  Enlisted only, E-6 to E-9.  Waiting periods:  (3 bedroom 15-18 months; and 4 bedroom 28-29 months).


SILVER STAND I:  Adjacent to Naval Amphibious Base Coronado.  Three and four bedroom duplexes.  Enlisted, E-6 to E-9.  Waiting periods:  (3 bedroom 19-20 months; and 4 bedroom 28-29 months).


SILVER STAND II:  Two and Three bedroom units.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 22-23 months; and 3 bedroom 30-31 months).


HOME TERRACE:  Northeast of Naval Station.  Two-story, two and three bedroom townhouses with covered parking.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS. Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 14-15 months; and 3 bedroom 18-19 months).


WOODLAKE:  Lakeside area.  Two and three bedroom units in two story townhouses with garages.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 12-13 months).


HILLEARY PARK:  Poway area.  One to three bedroom units in townhouses and apartment buildings with garages.  Enlisted only, E-4 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS. Waiting periods:  (1 bedroom 9-10 months; 2 bedroom 12-14 months; and 3 bedroom 21-2 months).


POMERADO TERRACE:  Scripps Ranch area, near Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.  Two and three bedroom townhouses with garages.  Enlisted only, E-6 to E-9.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 18-19 months; and 3 bedroom 19-20 months).


LOFGREN TERRACE:  Chula Vista area.  Two and three bedroom townhouses complexes.  Enlisted only, E-1 and E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 11-12 months; and 3 bedroom 27-28 months).


TERRACE VIEW VILLAS:  Off I-94 at Home avenue, near Naval Station. One and two bedroom apartments.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (1 bedroom 8-9 months; and 2 bedroom 9-10 months).


LA MESA PARK:  Off I-94 at Spring Street in La Mesa.  Two and three bedroom townhouses.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 17-18 months; and 3 bedroom 14-15 months).


RAMONA VISTA:  In Ramona, north of Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar.  Two and three bedrooms.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods: (2 bedroom 8-9 months; and 3 bedroom 5-6 months).


BONITA BLUFFS:  East of National City located in the Spring Valley area.  One, two and three bedrooms.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (1 bedroom 6-7 months; 2 bedroom 18-19 months; and 3 bedroom 12-13 months).


NAVAL AIR STATION NORTH ISLAND AND MCAS MIRAMAR:  There is also housing onboard NAS North Island and MCAS Miramar for personnel assigned to those bases.


PARADISE GARDENS:  In Paradise Hills area (Paradise Valley Road and Woodman Street).  Apartment style units.  One, two and three bedroom units.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (1 bedroom 6-7 months; 2 bedroom 13-14 months; and 3 bedroom 18-19 months).


PARK SUMMIT:  In Hillcrest area (Florida Valley Road and Woodman Street).  Apartment style units.  Two bedroom units.  Enlisted only, E-4 to E-6.  Multi-level site.  Not recommended for families with small children.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting period is 12-13 months. 


HOWARD GILMORE TERRACE:  Located in the La Mesa area.  Townhouse, two and three bedrooms.  Play areas for children.  Enlisted only, E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 17-18 months; and 3 bedroom 18-19 months).


BAYVIEW HILLS:  In Paradise Hills area, approximately eight miles east of Naval Station and 22 miles from MCAS Miramar.  Townhouse style units with two, three and four bedrooms.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  One neutered/spayed indoor cat is permitted.  NO DOGS ALLOWED. Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 17-18 months; 3 bedroom 36-37 months; and 4 bedroom 24-25 months).


BEECH STREET KNOLLS:  In the Golden Hills area, approximately four miles north of Naval Station.  Two bedroom apartment style units. Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting period is 9-10 months.


CHESTERTON TOWNHOMES:  In the Linda Vista area.  Two and three bedroom townhouse style units with attached garage.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  One neutered/spayed cat is permitted.  NO DOGS ALLOWED.  Waiting periods: (2 bedroom 26-28 months; and 3 bedroom 29-30 months).


CHOLLAS HEIGHTS:  In the Oak Park/Lemon Grove area.  Two, three, and four bedroom townhouse style units with attached garage.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 18-19 months; 3 bedroom 19-20 months; and 4 bedroom 24-25 months).


COUNTRY HILLS TENNIS CLUB (NAVY LEASE):  In the Rancho San Diego area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting period is 10-11 months.


DIAMOND POINTE APARTMENTS (NAVY LEASE):  In the Escondido area.  Government leased three bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  MUST COMPLY WITH THE PET POLICIES OF THE COMPLEX.  Waiting period is 7-8 months.


EL DORADO HILLS (NAVY LEASE):  In the Tierrasanta area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  MUST COMPLY WITH THE PET POLICIES OF THE COMPLEX.  Waiting period is 13-14 months.


EUCALYPTUS RIDGE:  In the Lakeside area.  Two and three bedroom townhouse style units with attached garages.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6. NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 19-20 months; and 3 bedroom 12-13 months).


HOLLY SQUARE APARTMENTS:  In Imperial Beach area.  Two and three bedroom townhouse style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 12-13 months; and 3 bedroom 9-10 months).


MARBRISAS (NAVY LEASE):  In the Chula Vista area.  Government leased two and three bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 17-18 months; and 3 bedroom 19-20 months).


MIRA MESA RIDGE:  In the Mira Mesa area.  Two and three bedroom townhouse style units with attached garage.  Enlisted E-4 to E-6. One neutered/spayed cat is permitted.  NO DOGS.  Waiting periods: (2 bedroom 22-23 months; and 3 bedroom 22-23 months).


PROSPECT VIEW:  In the Santee area.  Two and three bedroom townhouse style units with attached garage.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6. NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 16-17 months; and 3 bedroom 12-13 months).


RANCHO SUNSET APARTMENTS (NAVY LEASE):  In the Escondido area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-4 to E-6.  SMALL ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED ON APPROVAL OF THE CIVILIAN COMPLEX MANAGER.  Waiting period is 3-5 months.


RIVER PLACE:  In the Santee area.  Two and three bedroom townhouse style units with garage.  Enlisted E-4 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 37-38 months; and 3 bedroom 18-19 months).


SYCAMORE RIDGE APARTMENTS (NAVY LEASE):  In the Vista area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  RESIDENTS MUST COMPLY WITH THE PET POLICIES OF THE COMPLEX.  Waiting period is 9-10 months.


TIERRASANTA RIDGE (NAVY LEASE):  In the Tierrasanta area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  SMALL ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED ON APPROVAL OF THE CIVILIAN COMPLEX MANAGER.  Waiting period is 11-12 months.


VALLEY BREEZE APARTMENTS (NAVY LEASE):  In the South Bay area, approximately 12 miles south of Naval Station.  Government leased two and three bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6. NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 10-11 months; and 3 bedroom 15-16 months).


VILLA ROYALE (NAVY LEASE):  In the El Cajon area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting period is 11-12 months.


VISTA RIDGE:  In Vista, approximately 29 miles north of MCAS Miramar.  Two and three bedroom detached single family and attached townhouse units with attached garage.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods not yet established.


VISTA VILLAGE APARTMENTS (NAVY LEASE):  In the Chula Vista area.  Government leased two bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting period not yet established. 


WESTLAKE GARDENS TOWNHOMES (NAVY LEASE):  In the San Marcos area. Government leased two bedroom townhome style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6.  NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting period is 13-14 months.


WINTERGREEN VILLAGE (NAVY LEASE):  In the South Bay area, approximately 12 miles south of Naval Station.  Government leased two and three bedroom apartment style units.  Enlisted E-1 to E-6. NO DOGS OR CATS.  Waiting periods:  (2 bedroom 8-9 months; and 3 bedroom 11-12 months).





    ON BASE CHILD CARE.  Most Naval Facilities in the San Diego area offer child care.  Hours, rules and cost vary.  Call for more information:


    Naval Amphibious Base                       437-3471


    NAS North Island                            545-6843


    Naval Station Information/Referrals         556-8491

    Naval Station Child Development             556-7466

    Naval Station (Infant Care)                 556-7391


    MCAS Miramar                                858-537-4144


    Marine Corps Recruit Depot                  524-4430


    Murphy Canyon Housing                       556-0030/31


    Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton           (760) 725-6308


    Naval Submarine Base                        553-0765


    OFF BASE CHILD CARE.  Two non-profit child care referral agencies operating in San Diego are listed below. They can provide you with a list of child care providers in your area.  Some of these sites offer State Department of Education tuition assistance to low-income families.  For more information call:


    Child Development Associates, Inc.

    1196 Third Ave., Suite 202

    Chula Vista, CA  91911

    (619) 427-4411


    YMCA Childcare Resource Service

    1033 Cudahy Place

    San Diego, CA  92110

    (619) 275-0960


    HOUSING DAY CARE REFERRAL.  Provides support and resources for military family licensed day care.  For more information contact:


    Navy Family Home Day Care Program

    Naval Station, Building 273

    (619) 556-7466






San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter                               Marine Corps Recruit Depot

                             Building #26

                             San Diego, CA 92140

                             (619) 524-5727


LOCATION:  The American Red Cross Office branch that serves Naval  Base, San Diego is located at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Building 26, San Diego, CA.  The telephone number is 524-5727.  The office is staffed by full-time, professional Red Cross personnel and Volunteers.  The office is open Monday through Thursday 0730 - 1630 and Friday 0730 - 1430.  After hours, Saturday and Sunday and Holiday coverage for emergency assistance is provided by Chapter San Diego who can be reached at phone number 542-7552.


SERVICES:  The following are some of the more significant services which are available, free-of-charge, through the American Red Cross.


    a.  VERIFICATION of facts pertaining to the home situation of an immediate family member which may lead to an emergency leave, or extension of emergency leave, granted by proper naval authority.


    b.  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE (including travel and subsistence, if warranted) connected with emergency leave pertaining to immediate family members, i.e., father, mother, spouse, children, brother, sister or only living relative; also to legally adjudged dependents on the basis of need.


    c.  COUNSELING:  The Red Cross may be able to assist with personal or family problems as well as receive a health and welfare report on home conditions.


    d.  EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE is provided on a 24 hour basis.


COMMUNICATIONS:  The American Red Cross is responsible for seeing that all messages received by staff are properly delivered.  In cases involving the death or serious illness/injury of an immediate family member, the Red Cross will relay the information contained in the message to a designated representative of the respective command (i.e. Command Duty Officer, Department Head, or Division Officer) so that notification can be made in a timely and appropriate manner.  Commands will verify for the Red Cross the date and time that notification is made, and will advise the Red Cross if any further help is required, such as financial assistance for emergency leave.


Many messages received for servicemembers regarding family problems or requests for Health and Welfare reports.  These messages do not require Red Cross workers to contact commands to share this information.  In fact, since it often involves confidential information, Red Cross is not allowed to share information without the permission of the member.  In these cases, commands should assist Red Cross workers in arranging servicemembers to contact the Red Cross office direct.


Since many messages received in the Red Cross officer are via long distance telephone calls from other Red Cross officers, there are no “hard copy” messages or wires.




What school will your child go to?  Call the Boundary Office at 293-8010 and they can tell you based upon your home location.




* What you will need:


    1.  Shot record/immunization certificate - obtainable from NAVCARE (appointment with physician required first), Balboa Hospital 532-6400 (8am to 4:30pm Walk-in Clinic bldg 2 -1st deck - bring medical record), or local physician.

    2.  Birth Certificate (if entering kindergarten/first grade)

    3.  Address of previous school so they may send for records.

    4.  Report card.


* Fill out enrollment forms at school.  Have your child accompany you.

* Inquire about lunch and breakfast programs (reduced fees available).




* What you will need:


    1.  Immunization Record

    2.  Transfer Slip

    3.  Report Card




* What you will need:


    1.  If you are new to the district, you will need an immunization record and birth certificate.

    2.  Others - copy of the last report card and transfer/check-out slip.


    Parent should accompany child to confirm address.

    Fill out enrollment form at the school.




* Appointments required.  Parents will tour school with director and receive information about school.

* Inquire about waiting list (common at most institutions).

* Receive enrollment packet

* Registration fee and health Form required at most schools.




Thirty three (33) schools in the district operate on year-round schedules.  There are forty five (45) days of instruction followed by a vacation of fifteen (15) school days.  This schedule continues throughout the year.


The district operates both single and multi-track year-round schedules.  In a multi-track schedule, the students are divided into four groups of similar size.  Each group is called a track. 


Each track is on a different schedule of instruction and the schedules are arranged so that only three of the four tracks attend school at any one time.  Multi-track year-round schedules are used to help ease overcrowding because they increase the effective capacity of the school.


Single-track year-round schedules do not help the overcrowding.




Birney, Carson, Dewey, Edison       Baker, Balboa, Bethune,

Hancock, Jones, Kennedy, Logan,     Boone, Brooklyn, Emerson,

Lowell, Miller, Perry, Sequoia      Erickson, Euclid, Hamilton,

Tierrasanta, Elementary, and        Horton, Jerabek, Knox, Mason,

Farb Middle School.                 Paradise Hills, Penn, Sherman,

                                    Valencia Park, Walker, and

                                    Zamorano Elementary.


For more information, contact the school principal.




Since 1967, the VEEP has been helping the San Diego School District meet its commitment to provide quality integrated education programs for all students.  The program is open to minority students in predominantly minority schools and majority students in predominantly majority schools.


Students participate by enrolling in schools where their racial/ethnic group is under-represented.  Schools with predominantly majority student enrollments are "allied" with schools having predominantly minority student enrollments.  Students from one neighborhood may remain together at allied schools throughout their education, just as students who attend their neighborhood schools.


Enrollment for elementary schools must be done before the last working day prior to school opening, or the last day of school attendance before winter vacation.  During the summer, applications may be requested from Community Relations and the Integration Services Division at 293-8307.  They can also answer any questions you may have.


Junior and High School students may sign up in the spring prior to the next year class schedule development, or before closing of classes for semesters.  Following approval of applications, students will be notified about transportation arrangements and registration procedures.


Students are eligible to participate in all activities (including interscholastic athletics) in the allied school.  transportation is provided free of charge provided a minimum of eight (8) students are riding the bus.




Since 1961 California has been committed to programs for the gifted pupil.  San Diego is recognized as having one of the outstanding gifted programs in the nation.


Along with providing differentiated opportunities for learning related to abilities and talents of individuals, the GATE program also offers alternatives learning environments, develops sensitivity and responsibility to others, develops a commitment to

constructive ethical standards, assists in developing self-

generating problem-solving abilities and develops realistic, healthy self-concepts.


San Diego Schools is identifying and offering programs to gifted talented students in the categories of intellectual ability, high achievement, and at the secondary level, specific academic ability.  In future years identification and programs will be considered for students with creative ability, leadership ability, and visual and performing arts talent.  The program is designed to meet special educational needs through programs suited to individual needs for a minimum of 200 minutes per week for 30 weeks of a school year.


Two types of programs are provided:  seminar and cluster.  Seminar classes of 18 students enable teachers to attend to students engaged in independent reading, self-initiated inquiry, or independent research projects.  Cluster classes enable students to stretch their talents in an atmosphere where all members of the class receive highest possible challenge and encouragement.


All teachers assigned to the GATE program have a demonstrated appropriate characteristics, knowledge, and skills related to the field of education of the gifted.  This requirement is filled by either an M.A. degree, demonstration of knowledge and skills gained through experience or service education, or a Specialist Instruction Credential.




Available in both elementary and secondary schools, Magnet Programs provide you with the opportunity to broaden your child's learning experiences immeasurable in an integrated setting, without additional cost.  The Elementary Magnets provide a strong basic skills instructional program in mathematics, reading, writing, spelling, and language.  Secondary Magnets offer concentrated resources for instruction in a particular field of study.  Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) are offered at some sites.  These courses allow students to explore and prepare for career options ranging from entry-level positions to professions requiring college degrees.


The special focus and extra instruction in Magnet Programs are provided daily with the child's regular classes.  The child must stay in a given program at least one semester and he/she may switch schools or programs on a yearly or semester basis.


Since the purpose of the Magnet Program is integration, application is open to any student as long as the student's transfer will not adversely affect the balance at minority isolated or minority imbalanced schools.  Final selection is based upon ethnic balance of schools along with priorities for enrollment.


Transportation is provided (at no cost to the parents) for students attending Magnet Programs outside their geographical school boundary.




Communications and Public Affairs

San Diego City Schools

Educational Center

4100 Normal Street

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 293-8414


Community Relations and Integration Services Division

4100 Normal Street Room 2220

San Diego, CA  92103

(619) 293-8307




San Diego City Schools

K-12 Magnet Programs

4100 Normal Street

San Diego, CA  92103

(619) 293-8411


San Diego City Schools

GATE Program Room 2014

Educational Center

4100 Normal Street

San Diego, CA  92103


San Diego Parent Magazine

Fall Private School Directory

Published by Wingate Enterprises, ltd.

P.O. Box 3204

Burbank, CA  91504

(818) 846-0400/FAX: (818) 841-4380




The Navy Campus For Achievement (NCFA) Office onboard SUBASE is a good place to start research into the various degree programs and financial benefits available to active duty members and family members.  The office manager, Mr. Rosendo Landicho, can be reached by calling 553-7194.


Below are names and phone numbers of some of the schools available in the San Diego area.  You may also want to use the yellow pages (under SCHOOLS) for further information.


California School of Professional Psychologists........452-1664


Chapman University.....................................296-8660


Community Colleges:






    San Diego Community College District...............584-6900


National University....................................563-7100


San Diego State University.............................594-5200


University of California, San Diego...............….858-534-3160


U.S. International University..........................271-4300


University of San Diego................................260-4600


Thomas Jefferson School of Law.........................297-9700




    I declare that I am a member of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty and stationed onboard USS                    . 

I desire to arrange transportation to  (country)              , which will be wholly at my own expense for     (dependent)               , who is/are my spouse and/or dependent child(ren) or parent and who is/are wholly dependent upon me for their livelihood.










BRANCH OF SERVICE                  TITLE





SIGNATURE                          SIGNATURE
















                               is/are my legal parent(s) and plan to visit me in                          .  I declare that I am a member of the United States Armed Forces on active duty status and stationed on board USS                        .




Typed name/grade of member         Typed name/grade of certifying





Branch of Service                  Title




Signature                          Signature


NOTE:  This form needs to be completed prior to servicemember being deployed.






NAME: _______________________________

SPONSOR: _______________________________                 






ADDRESS:                          PHONE: (HOME)                  





NAME:                             RELATION:                      

ADDRESS:                          PHONE:                         


NAME:                             RELATION:                      

ADDRESS:                          PHONE:                         



SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (INCLUDE ITEMS SUCH AS FATHER HAS HEART PROBLEM; CHILD CONDITIONS; I.E. MEDICATION, ALLERGIES, KNOWN PHYSICAL PROBLEMS, ETC)                                                                                                            







NAME:                                 PHONE:                      ADDRESS:                          












I,                                   , a lawful parent or guardian

of the following child(ren):                                                                                                        

hereby appoint:                                                  

_________________(name and relationship to parent/guardian)

to be my lawful attorney-in-fact (agent) to perform any and all acts that I might perform if I were present for the following purpose:


    To authorize any and all medical and hospital care and treatment, including major surgery, deemed necessary by the personnel of the Medical Center, San Diego, California, or any other medical facility or any physician, for the health and well being of my child(ren) aforesaid.


    I give this authorization in advance of any care or treatment being required in order to provide authority for my attorney-in-fact to give specific consent to any and all care and treatment that might be necessary in my absence.


    It is understood that a valid dependent's I.D. card must accompany dependents ten years of age and older.  When patient is under ten years of age, please give mother's I.D. card No.       

and date of expiration                       .


Sponsor's SSN:                               



                                 Signature and date




    On this               day of                   , in the year

19     , before me,                          , a Notary Public for the State of California, personally appeared                                                           personally known to me (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence) whose name(s) is/are subscribed to this instrument, and acknowledged that he/she/they executed it.


                                 Notary Public







Command:  USS TARAWA (LHA-1)


Please type or print


From:  SSN _____________ Service member _________________________

                                        (Last, First M.)


Rate/Rank ________________ EAOS ___________________________


Military Mailing Address __________________________________



Authorization valid between _____________ and _____________

                            (not to exceed 12 months)

Amount authorized _________________________________________

                   (not to exceed $_____2,500.00)


To:    San Diego Auxiliary, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society




1.  During the period I am deployed I authorize my spouse,

________________________, and my dependents to receive necessary financial assistance without my specific approval.


2.  I understand that I will be responsible for repayment, if warranted, of such assistance.  Further, I understand that notification of this assistance will be mailed to me along with an allotment request form, which I am to sign, and if possible have it registered.  The signed allotment or a copy of the registered allotment will be returned to the Auxiliary office.


3.  I understand that all assistance to my dependents will depend on the merits of the situation and the policies of the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society.  I also understand that this authorization does not establish a line of credit at the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society for my dependents.



Date ________________       Signed  ___________________________


                              Witness ___________________________